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Flamoush x Hannie Hananto, Anggia Mawardi, and Lina Sukijo:

Wear Exceptional Modest with Various Styles

Being a high-profile modern hijab wear, Flamoush decided to collaborate with designer Hannie Hananto in making a new collection that’s practical, comfortable and chic for younger generation. The collection, titled "Denim Reboot", were inspired by Tokyo street style that are unique and modern. Every piece was dominated by stripes and blue jeans colours. Featuring red statement pieces like belt and veil, along with fun property like electric guitar and baseball bat, the collection looks vibrant and fun. Using light-weated fabrics, the clothes swayed beautifully through the runway. Casual chic ambience becomes more fun with upbeat music and white sneakers-plaid socks combination. Following this fun experience, Anggia Mawardi brought her lastest work "Twilight". With dark colour palette, the pieces took elegant looks with dramatic cape silhouettes. The highlight of this collection was beautiful floral embroidery on the front and back of the dress.  The woven fabric brings texture to the piece with elegant prints and beads. With flared sleeve that gives more dimension to the whole look, the entire collection feels like the end of night where the city lights were mixed with the diffused lights of early morning. For Lina Sukijo’s latest collection, she took inspiration from the glimmering gold of women of India. "Sone Mein Mehila" or Hindis for “Women in Gold” was the title of her collection. The modest wear brand used gold and copper palettes as colour base to this madinah syar'i premium collection. With gold linings and zippers that give edgy feels to the entire collection, Lina Sukijo gave more glam by combining it with statement beads and accessories. Shimmering soft fall colours made the entire collection more than exceptional. These brands are representation of modest wear fashion industry in Indonesia. These shows are display of Indonesia’s diversity and inclusivity in fashion industry.


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