Brand Story

At the C2 development team we have been given a lot of from for creation since our unusual approach to design has often proven to be of success. But when we decide to create a complete line of timeless apparel for the rebellious, fearless and independent moslem women, we were called insane.

“But our statistics show this is not typical moslem women!” they say, … so what ?


So what, if we believe that you cannot be boxed as typical but are individuals sharing the same passion, love and intelligence as we believe you to be.

So what, if we can connect to the selected few who are not typical.

It surely makes us alive and happy during the processs. And we hope you will feel the same while using it.

Key Strength

  • Powered by established company in woman’s apparel, C2 Denims, with distribution channels across Indonesia including major dept stores.

  • Quality products in terms of design, fabric quality and competitive pricing.

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